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100 Printed Shirts for $399.99

  • Is there a cost to set up a store?
    No. There is no cost to set up or maintain an online store.
  • How do I know if items are selling?
    We attach your email to your online store. You get notified for all orders placed. You'll also get a daily summary at the end of each day, as well as customer contact notifications, and shipping notifications.
  • Can we offer embroidered products?
    Embroidered products can be offered. But they will be limited to simple designs. (For instance, 1 left chest design, but on multiple products)
  • Can my store be branded?
    Absolutely. We have full control of how your store looks.
  • How does the ordering work?
    We currently offer 2 types of stores. Here are brief rundowns of how each work: 1. On demand - We print orders on demand as they're ordered. Customers have the option of picking orders up or having them shipped. When a customer orders, they are given full instruction on how to pick up an order and when it will be ready. The upside to on demand is having a store that's always available, with products that can be ordered any time. The downside is that the products are a little costlier due to the process involved, and any items being PRINTED must be 100% cotton (Embroidered products can be any fabric blend). Pricing is still market competitive. This option is best for schools, team stores, and businesses with 25 or more employees. 2. Time clock. - This is when we open the store for a select time period. Customers can order products before the "end date". Once the time clock is up, we will close the store and process all the individual orders as 1 large order. Customers still have the option of having their order shipped or picking it up. The upside to a time clock store is that the products are cheaper sicne they're all being printed in 1 run, and we can offer any material blend for printed products. The dowside is that it's a longer wait time for the customer from the time they order, until the time they receive their order since they're waiting for the time clock to end, and then the order to be processed. This option works best for fundraisers, events, and in some cases team stores.
  • How much do the items in a store cost?
    This varies and there are so many things to consider. But here are some general costs On Demand Store: T-Shirt: $15-$22 / Long Sleeve: $18 - $25 / Hoodie: $30 - $40 / Embroidered Polo: $25 - $28 / Embroidered Hat: $25 - $30 / Jacket: $90 - $120 Time Clock Store: T-Shirt: $9 - $12 / Long Sleeve: $12 - 17 / Hoodie: $25 - $35 / Embroidered Polo: $20 - $25 / Embroidered Hat: $20 - $25 / Jacket: $70 - $100 Keep in mind that if you want to fundraise, that would be an additional cost. Example: If you want $5.00 per item sold, a $12 T-Shirt would then be priced out at $17
  • Are there screen setup charges?
    No. Store pricing is all inclusive. Threre are no additional costs outside of the cost of the products in the store.
  • Are stores better than paper order forms?
    Yes, yes, and yes. We know you've been doing that paper order form for a long time. But an online store is better in every aspect.
  • A customer contacted me with a problem?
    Please have them contact us direct by using the contact tab on your store. The whole idea of a store is to relieve you from the duty of dealing with apparel. The most common customer problems that we hear are: - I want a style that you don't have on the store. (What you see is what's currently available) - When will my order be ready? (The date that is on your reciept. In some cases, it may take a little longer, but we're working on it) - I don't get out of work until after you guys close, when can I pick up? (Have it shipped) - This shirt is too small (There's a size chart of each product in the store. You'll have to order another one) Again, we rarely get a customer issue, and it's extremely common for them to contact the store owner (you) about the issue. We recommend that you get in the habit of sending them direct to us, rather than contacting us on behalf of them.
  • What if a customer needs to return something?
    We do not accept any returns, exchanges, or refunds UNLESS there is a print defect, or a product defect and the issue must be brought to our attention within 7 days. We make sure to load sizing charts into the store, as well as product details. We also recommend offering unisex sizes only.
  • Instead of customers paying, can you bill our business for orders?"
    Absolutely. We can make it so that customers can check out "for free" and then we can bill the business for the orders. We can also set up promo codes. (Example: $50 credit from the business, customer pays remaining balance).
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