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Currently Seeking:
Press Operator(s)
Pay Ranges from $15 - $22 per hour based on experience.


As a press operator, your job is to print the merch using one of our presses. Press operators are responsible for setting up jobs, identifying correct print colors/placements, and completing jobs in a timely fashion. Having an eye for detail is important. Below are some qualities we look for in a press operator. If you think you're fit for the job, please fil out the form. We would love to hear from you. 

- An eye for detail. The small stuff matters most -
- Punctual. Being able to make it to work on time, every shift -
- Quick learner and being able to pick up on basic functions quickly -
- Having a positive attitude, being a team player, and the will to continuously improve -
- Be able to multi task and make quick adjustments -
- Ability to stand for long periods of time throughout the day - 

Training for this position is typically a 90 day program with progress based raises/bonuses along the way.


We're currently doing open interviews for this position.
Monday-Friday from 10AM - 3PM (Closed on holidays)


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