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3 Reasons your school should have an online store from We Make T-Shirts

Ordering school spiritwear can sometimes be a pain. Why not offer an on demand printing solution so that staff, students, and parents can order whatever they want, whenever they want?

Reason # 1

- Offer as many designs, styles, and colors as you'd like. Traditionally when you order spiritwear, you're ordering 1 design on the same 1 or 2 shirt colors, and you're getting a standard hoodie, T-Shirt, and long sleeve.

- With an online store, we can offer as many designs as you'd like with as many colors in each design as you want. We can also offer a nice handful of different products. Everything from T-Shirts, to hoodies, to hats, and jackets. So parents, students, and staff have a ton of options when shopping for spiritwear. Example: Instead of having just "Royal Blue" shirts, you can have a CHOICE of Royal Blue, Gold, Heather Grey, and Black.

Reason # 2

- Everything is PRINT ON DEMAND. That means that once your store is up, people can shop whenever they want. Instead of having to wait weeks for that bulk school order to come in, they get their order right away. They can choose from any of the set pickup locations OR they can choose to have it shipped right to their house.

Reason # 3

- Fundraising. You have the option to collect a dollar amount per item sold. Which is great for the school. We pay out on a monthly basis.

So if your school could use an online store, please feel free to reach out as we would love to work with you. You can contact us on our website at

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