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Logo tips for apparel printing

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

5. tips that might help you decide on a logo, or design for your next T-Shirt

1. Color count. Remember, the more colors in your logo/design, the more it will cost to print. Usually each color comes with a 1 time screen setup charge, and then the actual cost to print each shirt goes up, the more colors that are in the design/logo. So a 1 color job might cost $20-$30 to set up and then $3.00 per shirt to print. An 8 or 10 color job can cost over $200 to set up and $7.00 per shirt to print. This doesn't mean that you should skimp on colors just to get a better price. In most cases, the more colors you have, the better the re-sale value your shirt has. If your logo has a ton of colors and you only want it printed in 1 color, don't fear. Most screen printers can turn your 1,000 color logo into a 1 color logo, no problem.

2. Your logo is White, so it has to be printed in White. This is a myth. Your logo can be printed in any color you'd like. Even if you deliver it in White. Obviously you want the shirt color and ink color to contrast. But sometimes "color on color" prints (like Black logo on Black shirt)s actually look really cool. Printing in clear can create some cool effects as well. The clear ink tends to darken the fabric. SO lets say you run 100 shirts in 5 different colors and print them all with clear ink. Each color will look like it's printed in a different color.

3. Design around your logo. Remember, your shirts don't HAVE to just have your logo on them. For instance, around Halloween, you could print a pumpkin to your shirt and have your logo in the eyes of the pumpkin. Or on the 4th of July, you can turn your logo into a flag with Red, White, and Blue. Be creative when it comes to marketing.

4. Left chest, or big on front? Personally, I'm a fan of a left chest print on front and then a big print on back. This is a matter of personal preference. Sometimes you might think "my logo has alot of detail so I don't think they can print it that small". Trust me, we can. As for business details such as websites, and phone #'s, those usually go on the BACK of the shirt, as opposed to the front. But again, this is a matter of personal preference.

5. Corporate colors. You don't have to be a huge corporation business to have your own corporate colors. Keeping your colors exact throughout all of your print actually creates a very professional look. "I need my green to be that exact green. Can you guys do that?". Actually yes, we can. By using a PMS ink mixing system we can match that EXACT color to the T. Our PMS system is similar to the system Home Depot would use to mix paint.

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