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7 reasons why you need your logo printed on tote bags.

  1. They're inexpensive. You can get 300 tote bags printed for under $1,000

2. They're useful. People use tote bags for all kinds of things. I have many of them in my house.

3. No sizes. Tote bags are one size fits all. So you never run out of "the right size".

4. Color choices. Tote bags actually come in a pretty wide array of colors. You can use your corporate color OR mix and match to have an assortment of colors.

5. Perfect for pop ups. Vending at a local farmers market? Bag up your customers goods in a branded tote bag. They'll love it! The bag lasts forever.

6. They're good for the environment. More and more people are using reusable bags to shop at places like the grocery store.

7. They print well. Your logo will POP on a tote bag because of how they print. Us printers LOVE printing tote bags.

If you have questions about tote bags, give us a shout at

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