A breakdown of our web-store and how you might be able to benefit from one

1. The ordering process: You no longer have to fund an order out of pocket. We can set your web-store up specifically for you or your brand, and we can add multiple products (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Polos, Long Sleeves, etc.) in an array of colors with all sizes available. This gives YOUR customer the freedom to pick what they want, in the sizes they need, at their own leisure from their computer or mobile device. Everything is accurately mocked up so they know exactly what they're buying.

2. Payment: You no longer have to worry about collecting money and checks from people. They simply pay online with their credit card/debit card. This might not seem like a big deal to some. But if you're running a school fundraiser and have to collect from 400+ people, you can save a TON of time and headache. In addition, we can set you up with promo codes and PO payment for programs such as payroll deduction.

3. Order collector: Since all orders are placed online, we have an accurate account of everything ordered that is stored in our order manager. You don't have to search far and wide to for a parent or employee order you wrote down on a napkin. It's all stored in our system and you can rest assured that everything is accounted for.

4. Printing & Embroidery: Of course, we print and embroider all products in house. With a huge focus on detail.

4. Shipping: When a customer checks out we have the ability to set up a shipping option AND pickup location(s). That way, they can choose how they want to receive their product. They can pick it up at our warehouse, -OR- at your desired pickup location, -OR- they can simply have it shipped.

5. Packaging: This one is extremely valuable. Instead of you receiving a box of shirts and having to rummage through them to match orders, WE handle it. Each persons order is individually packaged with their name and order # clearly displayed on their package. From all the feedback we get, this is what people value the most.

6. Transparency: Every time an order is placed, YOU receive an email. You also receive an email at the end of every day with a order summary. A breakdown of what was ordered and who ordered it. This is great for fundraisers so that the people in charge can have a backlog.

7. Marketing: As mentioned before, we can set you up with promo codes and "pay by PO". This is extremely useful for schools, fundraisers, and company stores.

8. Run time: Maybe you just need to run a store for 1 event? Or maybe you'd like it to revolve every month? Or maybe you're looking for a print on demand store? Whatever the situation, we can help!

Feel free to reach out to us about YOUR next web-store.



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