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FOREVER ink system

What is it? How does it work? Does it really last FOREVER?

Our FOREVER ink system is a system of water based inks, that once printed to the shirt, literally LAST FOREVER by using a discharge process.

Traditional printing is done using plasticol inks which are really just a form of plastic. The ink is push through a stencil onto the shirt. When we use plasticol inks, the ink actually sits ON TOP of the fabric. This explains why sometimes prints feel "hard" to the touch. And if you ever look at the inside of a screen printed shirt, you won't see the print on the inside.. That's because the ink is sitting on top of the fabric.

With our FOREVER ink system, the printing process is the same. However. Instead of the ink sitting on top of the shirt, it actually penetrates the fabric and dyes the fabric itsself. This results in a super soft hand print that is extremely bright in color. When the shirts are brand new, you can feel the print a little bit. Once washed, you can't feel the print at all because again, it's been dyed right into the fabric of the shirt. This results in a print that will never crack. It will never peel. It will never distort.

Our FOREVER ink system is not for everybody as there are cons. 1 being that a color match can never be guaranteed. So for a business, that needs the same colors time after time, we wouldn't recommend the FOREVER ink option.

But it's GREAT for bands, limited runs, and street designers looking to add value to their merchandise.

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