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The Power Of T-Shirt Fundraisers

Updated: Mar 11

TJ and Melissa of Soul Revival Church have been running their operation out of Horlick High School for quite some time. But they just recently closed on a new building located on Main St here in Racine. (Formerly Hope City Church)....

They reached out about a month ago with a simple question: "Is there any way that we can run a T-Shirt fundraiser? We want to drop an exclusive design and sell shirts online to raise funds towards our new building?"

My response: "Absolutely. Let's get started!"

They sent me the designs and I knew right away that these shirts were going to look 🔥 once they were printed. Together we set up an online T-Shirt store in which proceeds from each shirt sale went to helping them raise funds for a new building they purchased.

We got the store set up, added a 30 day timer, and waited.

Over the course of 30 days they sold close to 100 pieces and we were able to help them raise about $1000!

Watching community come together for things like this is really gratifying. What's amazing about an online T-Shirt fundraiser that brings in a dollar amount like that, is that, it's a bunch of small actions, that lead to one big action.

I'm super happy knowing that these guys have their own brick and mortar location and it's been awesome watching their organization grow over the years.

A huge thank you to Soul Revival Church here in Racine, and everyone that purchased a shirt.

Although this exclusive fundraiser campaign is completed, we still host an ongoing, on demand merch shop for Soul Revival Church at:

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