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Ink Types available:

Plastisol: This is the most common ink type. Most printed shirts are printed with plastisol ink. It's extremely durable, very opaque, and works well on just about any garment type.

Waterbase: Waterbase ink works best on lighter colored shirts. It features a really soft feel and gives a design a true vintage feel. PMS colors are harder to achieve with waterbase ink.

Discharge: Discharge ink is actually more like a bleach. It bleaches the fibers of the fabric and leaves behind just the color of the ink you're using. Best for designs with lower color counts. We do not offer PMS color matches with discharge. 

Specialty: We offer several different specialty inks including puff ink, glow in the dark, shimmer inks, and reflective. When you really want to get creative, these types of inks come in handy.

Screen printing is the process of creating stencils and then pushing ink through those stencils, onto a substrate (in our case, textiles). With screen printing, the possibilities are truly endless. We have complete control over the entire process. We can mix custom inks for brand specific colors. We can use halftones and gradients to achieve depth. We can use specialty inks like glow in the dark, and shimmers to add a creative touch. And we can screen print just about any textile (fabric) you can think of. Shirts, sweats, bags, towels, etc.


Screen print pricing is dependent upon the following

1. How many?

The more shirts ordered, the less it costs per shirt.

2. Ink colors?

How many colors in the logo/design. Each color has an additional cost.

3. Print Locations?

Shirts with a front AND back print will cost more than shirts with just a front print.

4. The shirt itself?

A heavy cotton shirt costs less than a premium cotton shirt. 

5. Date needed?

All of our orders come with a guaranteed 2 week or less turnaround time. We also offer a 7 day rush, 3 day rush, and next day rush for an additional cost. 


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