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Screen Printing is the process of pushing ink through a stencil, onto a substrate. It's a very popular form of apparel decoration due to its durability, vibrancy, and low cost when ordering in bulk.

In addition, there are so many options available with screen printing including special effect inks like glitters, shimmers, glow in the dark, reflective, puff, discharge, and more. 

From time to time we'll get asked "does it peel or fall off?" Absolutely not. In most cases, the screen printed logo will outlast the shirt itself. 

When we screen print your logo, we ALWAYS make sure to match your brand colors exactly by using our in house PMS mixing system.


Screen printing and t shirt printing at We Make T-Shirts - Racine Wisconsin
Embroidery and embroidered hats at We Make T-Shirts - Racine Wisconsin


Embroidery is the process of sewing a logo or a design into a substrate.

We recommend embroidery for things like hats, coats and jackets, backpacks, polos, and winter hats. A design needs to be digitized before it can be embroidered, and sometimes real small detail, may not come out the greatest.

Once you submit your logo for embroidery, we'll be sure to make any recommendations that we may see fit, to achieve a quality sew out. 


DTG (Direct To Garment)

Think about your printer at home. You put a piece of paper in, and you print anything you want to it in full color. Well that's what DTG printing is. Except, instead of paper, it prints to shirts!

The prints are beautiful, the colors are vibrant, and it's a quick process. DTG printing is ideal for designs with high color counts and smaller orders.

Direct to Garment printing at We Make TShirts Racine Wisconsin


You don't think you need an online store? You're WRONG!

We offer state of the art, online e-commerce stores for schools, teams, fundraisers, and companies of all sizes.

With our online stores, you can offer multiple products, in multiple colors and sizes, without carrying any inventory. No more paper order forms. No more collecting money. No more confusion when distributing orders to parents, students, or staff. We handle it all in house for you. 

Online T Shirt stores - design your shirts online
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