The most traditional method of apparel decoration is screen printing. Screen printing offers a very cost effective way of getting your logo or design onto apparel items such as T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Uniforms, Promotional Products, and just about anything else. As long as the product lays flat, it can be screen printed. Screen printing is done with ink. With that being said, we can mix and match colors to specific PMS needs, apply special effects like glow in the dark, shimmer, discharge, & puff/suede.
Pricing on screen printing is typically broken up into 3 factors. 
1). THE PRODUCT - The item you'd like printed. A standard T-Shirt can cost anywhere from $2.00 - $7.00 depending on how many you want to order. 
2). SCREEN SETUP -  Each color in your design requires a separate screen. So if you have 3 colors in your design, we'll need to use 3 screens. At We Make T-Shirts, we offer free setup on any order over 100 pieces. 
3). PRINTING - Print pricing is also dependent on the colors. The more colors in your design, the more it will cost to print per piece. 
Typically, the more shirts, or pieces, you order with the least amount of colors will result in the lowest cost per shirt. 
Screen Printing Can Koozies at We Make T-Shirts Racine



Embroidering winter hats at We Make T-Shirts Racine
Embroidery is usually preferred for knit caps, ball caps, jackets, polo sport shirts, button up shirts, and corporate apparel. This is a method of decoration in which thread is used and stitched to apply your logo or design on the product. Unlike screen printing, we can use multi colors with embroidery at no additional charge. Your price per piece will be dependent on how many pieces you're running total, as well as the THREAD COUNT (number of threads per sq inch). Typically, the bigger the logo being embroidered, and/or the more detail in the logo, the more you'll pay per piece. There is also a one time "digitizing fee" for all embroidery jobs. 
DTG or Direct to Garment printing is a digital print process. It works similar to how your printer at home would work. Except that it prints to T-Shirts instead of paper. DTG printing is great for single shirts OR when you want to run a bulk order of shirts that has a high color count. The turnaround time is usually much quicker than a screen print job. And there are no screen setup fees, regardless of how many colors are in the design. We find that this process is best for things such as picture shirts OR in a scenario where you want us to handle fulfillment for you and need to be able to output a large number of small orders frequently. 
We DTG print to any LIGHT colored shirts but the results are best on WHITE colored shirts. 



DTG Direct to Garment Printing at We Make T-Shirts Racine



Things like vinyl banners, corrugated signs, yard signs, stickers, and vehicle graphics are all essential for businesses and brands in todays market. These items are usually pretty affordable and can be made in large sizes. Use small stickers to place your logo on cups in your coffee shop. Use a large banner in your window to announce a grand opening, etc. 
Pricing on wide format digital printing is usually done by material and square footage. Depending on the material, you'll pay $X.XX per sq ft. There can also be costs on an installation. So if you need decals applied to your storefront windows, or vehicle you'll pay $X.XX amount depending on the estimated complexity of the job.
Screen Printing Can Koozies at We Make T-Shirts Racine

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