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At We Make T-Shirts we offer several different styles of printing/decoration and depending on your needs, one could be better than the other. 

example 1.png

Screen Printing

Screen printing is by far our favorite method of printing. The prints are super vibrant and the shirts ALWAYS look great!


Super opaque colors
Prints will last forever
Works on all fabric types
Cheaper per shirt cost
Retail ready product


Comes with minimums
Requires vector artwork

Adding colors increases price

southwood glen lions spiritwear.JPG

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment printing is a great option for small quantities OR artwork that has alot of colors and gradients


Order single shirts
Vibrant prints
Captures fine details
Price friendly


Limited styles available for printing (100% Cotton only)

No Pantone color matching

Pretreat may leave a visible "press box" around the image. (This does go away once washed)

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